Posted by: jslion | November 15, 2010

Morning thoughts

In Early Morning as they sleep

In morning mist, they stood at peace
The five deer on my lawn
The sleepy dogs ignored them all
Except to sniff and yawn

The one whose turn it was to watch
Looked up when I peered out
She sensed no danger from the sounds
As I made to move about

The deer will disappear, of course
When my door opens wide
I like to think that they watch me
As I watched from inside

In thirty minutes more, I know
The children will arise
I must once again become
Both tireless and wise

So now on my front porch I sip
Hot coffee from a bowl
And feel the sacred peacefulness
Enfold my weary soul



  1. Very nice! I felt the sense of peacefulness surrounding me as I read this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. So beautiful, Jonathan. Can really feel the atmosphere. I can almost taste that coffee.

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