Posted by: jslion | March 4, 2010

Amy Jo

Amy Joanne Stone (6/28/1991 – 09/03/2009)

All who knew her said that she
Made joy come alive with her eyes.
Yet joy like hers was not  meant to be
Just as a flame in a candle dies
Out in a puff that no one can see.
And nothing that’s said can change how we feel
Nothing can bring the happiness back
Nothing soothes grief that just seems to steal
Each breath from our bodies; each moment we lack
Strength to move onwards so that we can heal.
Then was a time for sorrow, now let her memory live
Out of the grief of her passing, here is the gift to give
No one knew better than she, that she died enfolded in love
Each of us now should feel, that love she returns from above



  1. This is sad and beautiful and one of the best poems you’ve written.

    The only comment I would have is if this is ever written down in hard copy – be careful of line breaks and spacings between the words going down the page.

    My heart goes out to you and yours


    • Thank you Sarah! It was a sad time that I can only talk about easily in poetry.

  2. This beautiful poem, along with Amy’s photo, absolutely took my breath away. I mean it. I will read more when I get a chance.

    • Thank you. I wrote this for her father, my brother in law. He gave me permission to also post it here.

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