Posted by: jslion | March 1, 2010

Day 21 – After 5 years

After Five Years

She is grinning now
In her number 12 jersey
As she dribbles the ball
Up the field with her feet
Outrunning the defender.
She is grinning now
In her cheerleader outfit
As she dances onto the floor
And into formation
Ready to perform.
Just  five years ago
She cried when she came to us
Frightened, angry, confused
Taken to a strange land
By an unknown couple
Who spoke her language badly.
Always ready to fight or run,
She did not think this could ever be good
We did not think it would be so hard.
We were both wrong.
Last night, she smiled as Mama tucked her in.
We know how blessed we are because of her
And now, we grin.



  1. This made me smile 🙂

    And I’m glad to see her playing proper football 🙂

    I was however wondering if this bit “She cried when came to us” needs another she or something to make it a bit clearer?

  2. So lovely; so poignant – and means so much to so many. Thank you for being an adoptive parent . . . we need you; the children need you *HUG*

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