Posted by: jslion | February 7, 2010

Day Six – The tree

The Tree

The old tree bows
Weighed down with snow,
Like an old man bent with age
standing to face an unyielding world.
But under the white,
The branches are still green
And though one branch may fall today
Hundreds more remain to say
You cannot break me.
I bow before the weight of snow
But my inner boughs are evergreen.
Though I may bend for you today,
I will stand straight again.
And so I say to the winter of my years,
though I may bend a little, to honor
The  weight of time that has put snow in my hair,
My thoughts are still young,
My dreams have matured,
My hopes are evergreen.
Age cannot break me down today.
I am stronger than I look.



  1. This is a lovely extended metaphor with what I call the ‘tingle’ factor 🙂 I really like it though the word snow may be slightly over used (if I’m nit picking :/)

  2. Love the tree poem – and the accompanying photo – extremely evocative

  3. Whoa, that last line really gave me chills! I love that, because I feel I am stronger than I look, too.

    Your poems are very visual and you should submit more.

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