Posted by: jslion | February 2, 2010

Day 3 – Tao Zhu’s Song

This describes as best I can, as an observer, the first six weeks of life with our adopted daughter. The poem is unfinished.

Tao Zhu’s Song

They took me away from the home I knew

I could not speak for fear.

All night I watched through the window, crying

For rescue to appear.

They didn’t come. They lied to me

They crushed me with deceit

Now I alone must face the road

On which they made me set my feet.

The strangers took me from my home

They took me far away

I didn’t know to where I flew

I didn’t want to stay.

The language that they spoke was strange

I didn’t understand

Why they tore me from the things I knew

And brought me to this land.

The house they brought me to,

It seemed was big enough for ten

It was sometimes filled with people

Though I didn’t know it then

The room they said was mine, I knew

Was big enough for three

There were pictures, clothes, and shelves of toys

I didn’t want to see

Then all these grown up people came

My sisters and my brothers

I thought I’d like them all except

My father and my mother

I played and thought I might be safe

But then I heard them say

That I would have to go to school

I fought them all the way

I knew that they would beat me there

I wasn’t such a fool

To trust that it was safe for me

Inside these stranger’s school

I stood with them inside a school

I couldn’t understand.

Then Meagan and Miss Kay appeared

And lead me by the hand

They didn’t beat me in the class

‘Twas very strange to me

I thought perhaps this was a place

That I would want to be.

They made me do the strangest things

(I could not have my way)

Like clean my room and do homework

Before they let me play

Of course they say I got my way

More often than I should

But I say I just did those things

For me, that would be good.

I came at last to think that this

Though not a perfect place

With awful food and customs strange

Was one where I was safe


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