Posted by: jslion | February 1, 2010

02/02 Its not who I wanted to be

It’s not who I wanted to be
It is who I had become
It is not what I’d planned for me
But what I was running from

The path that I had laid out
Would lead I thought to my place
Of safety and love without doubt
Then reality got in my face

When I knew I had led myself wrong
I locked that truth inside
I lied to myself for so long,
I stumbled over my pride

I was forty before I fell
I almost dropped out of the race
So I spoke what I could not tell
And I looked at my fear in the face

Anger and love poured mingled out
When I pierced my own side with my words
The anger had smothered the love, no doubt
And now it seemed absurd

I have turned from deceit and lies
From anger I made myself free
I’ve broken loose from the ties
I knew not were binding me

Whatever else may be true, I do know of one sure bet
As much as I try, and try, I am  not perfect yet.



  1. Is “Anger and lover” supposed to be Anger and love?

    This is certainly heart felt 🙂


  2. Yes, Anger and Love, not anger and lover. Spell check can only do so much! Thanks.

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