Posted by: jslion | January 31, 2010

1st Poem The Face in the Mirror- 2/01/2010

Ok, 1st poem of 28.  Remember I said a poem a day, not a good poem a day.  🙂

The Face In The Mirror

The face in the mirror

Is not the one I remember.

In unnoticed steps,

the years have washed the hair

with grey, and the face is marked

with lines I never traced myself

But I can see in that face my story

Written by myself mostly,

but swayed here and there

By the sub plots that nature and a heedless fate

Inscribed under and around the work

I thought to control

I see the birth in that laugh line

And the death in that grey hair

The marriage, the divorce

The lust and the tears

The joy and the anger

They stare back at me

With shame and pride


Each child that heard me sing to them

Is imprinted on me like a brand

The angry adolescent child

Who teaches now a group of troubled children

Etched her growing years in the lines around my eyes

Each of the seven has made their mark

I’ve earned the grey hair and lines.



  1. This one filtered into my dreams last night.

    Good work


  2. It’s time to do another month of daily poems, don’t you think?

    • First, I try not to think when I can avoid it…… Second, i am working on some.. i may try to do a weekly poem beginning next week…

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